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UCSC’s Start-up Entrepreneurship Academy: Discovering and Launching a Business – CROWN 90 – Instructor is Nada Miljkovic. She is a UCSC Crown College Instructor and founder of Artist on Art, a local media creation, and consulting company. A serial entrepreneur, activist- artist who also builds all kinds of things.

Along with teaching the SEA – Crown 90, Nada teaches Crown 70, Intro to Radio and Broadcast Media Technology. She co-organizes TEDxSantaCruz and has a radio interview show on KSQD.

Office: 110 Crown College
Phone: 831-824-4804
Email: nada@ucsc.edu

Mentors include:

ucsc-carter-2-021716-750xx4287-2411-0-224Dr. Sue A. Carter is provost of the Rachel Carson College at UCSC and a UCSC professor that builds homes, startups and student entrepreneurs She is the director of the UC Santa Cruz Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development (CIED). She founded, Soliculture, a company that specializes in combining solar power generation with crop production in greenhouses or open fields after successfully completing the Stanford’s Lean Launchpad Course.

Sue is an Associate Professor of Physics in the Physics Department at the University of California Santa Cruz and a member of the Condensed Matter group at UCSC. She has a research group, Thin-film Optoelectronics Laboratory.

Phone: 831.459.3657
Fax: 831.459.3043
Email: sacarter@cats.ucsc.edu