SEA Informational Session

Student entrepreneurs, we are again teaching SEA at UCSC this summer. We are having an informational session, Wednesday, May 31st at 7 pm at the Crown College Fireside Lounge.

Are you serious about your business idea and getting it to funded reality?
Don’t miss taking the CIED Summer Entrepreneurship Academy and learning if you have customers for your idea.
Here is the course listed on UCSC’s summer session:

Summer Entrepreneurship Academy: Discovering and Launching a Business

  • CRWN 90


    Open to ALL students, from any college during Summer.

    Explores business-learning fundamentals. Based on the nine basic building blocks of the Business Model Canvas, encourages students to move products from the lab and into the market. Encourages students to talk to potential customers, partners, and competitors; and each student team presents its findings each week. Business-learning fundamentals are delivered online, so workshops focus on face-to-face interactions between students, their mentors, and the instructional team. Culminates in students giving their final executive business-plan presentation and story-making video. (General Education Code(s): PR-C.)