Partnering with GetVirtual and the City and County of Santa Cruz

Our fifth year offerring UCSC SEA and we're doing somethin new by partnering witth GetVirtual to support local businesses survive the current crisis and thrive in a post COVID world.

1. Come to the program with either a startup business idea or work with GetVirtual that pairs students with local businesses.
2. Enrolled students are grouped into teams and either work on their own startups or are matched with local local businesses based on interest level and availiblity.
3. Students get hands-on experience in entrepreneurship, e-commerce, client services, SEO, and tools.

This Summer 8-Week Startup Entrepreneurship Academy (SEA)  is June 22 - August 14, 2020 and  Fulfills 5 GE: PR-E Credits, Class Number: 70567.

In the summer, all students are welcome from any college and prerequisites and restrictions are lifted. Visiting students register through Enrollment is now! More information at

Learn the basics of setting up a start-up company including principles of data collection, marketing, and resources needed. Design a business plan or work with existing businesses, in groups of students coached by a successful entrepreneur this summer.

This class is completely online with realtime webinars and weekly office hours with Instructors and Mentors. Students build teams with one student as entrepreneurial lead and are assigned mentors based on their business ideas. Students may receive funding, either from the NSF I-Corps grant to CIED as a newly established NSF I-Corps Site or from the IDEA Hub to aid them in the main course task of “getting out of the building” to interview potential customers each week. Based on feedback, they adjust and hone their business value propositions. Teams prepare weekly slide decks based on the lessons learned from customer discovery and present these during the webinars. 

Students are expected to "get out of the building" and talk to at least 30 potential customers, partners, channels and/or related experts. Students prepare weekly powerpoint slides based on the lessons learned from the customer discovery that they present during the webinars and receive feedback from the teaching time. Students in this course learn who their core and tertiary customers are, the marketing processes required for initial adoption and downstream sustainability, what data will be required by future partnerships and users, and core project management, financial, legal, and marketing resources needed for new companies. Students also learn to assess intellectual property and risk before they design and build and to identify financing and other key resources early.

Take a look at the syllabus from our recent 8-Week Summer session for more information.

Learn more about the National Science Foundation I-Corps grant funding of STEM research commercialization that SEA students may qualify for and learn about other funding.

For more information contact:

Nada Miljkovic
UCSC Crown Instructor
Phone: 831.824.4804

Office: Crown College 110